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Alassio(Aràsce in the Ligurian dialect) is a town and a municipality in the province of Savona. It is located between sea and hills, and it is one of the most beautiful touristic centres of the West Coast of Liguria because of the beauty of its beaches. More than 100 sea resorts offer high quality services. The beach, with fine white sand, is four km long, and reaches the old town of Laigueglia. The shallow water and the mild climate allow to bath since march until September. All these things makes Alassio a unique bathing centre for sea lovers.

The “wall”of Alassio is remarkable: it is one of the most famous city monuments, for tourism and art. Until the fifties this wall has been just a simple wall protecting the public garden of Alassio. With its economic and touristic development, the wall started to be enriched by some irregular tiles in different and lively colours. The first tile was added in 1551 by Ernest Hemingway, who was on holiday with his family in Alassio. Some decorated tiles by Quartetto Cetra and Cosimo Di Ceglie were added later. This ritual goes on still today. More or less 500 celebrities signed the tiles that form this famous wall.

Scuba divers cannot miss the depths that offer an underwater environment unique for its variety and colours. Just some meters underwater many species of fishes, gastropoda, cephalopoda and lamellibranchia, rainbow wrasse, scorpion fishes that camouflage themselves among rocks, octopuses and cuttlefishes can be seen. Fisherman can enjoy blacktails and giltheads, in particular after heavy seas.

Seafaring in Alassio

Alassio is known and much appreciated by yachtsman for its small harbour known under the name of “Luca Ferrari”, European blue flag in 2006 and 2007, with around 400 berths for boats until 32 meters long.

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Gallinara Island

The Gallinara Island is a small island rising in front of the Albenga and Alassio beach. The island is now protected as the Riserva Naturale Regionale Isola Gallinara, for the rare Mediterranean vegetation and for its uncontaminated environment.

Its name comes from the presence in the roman age of wild hens ("galline" in Italian). The ruins of a monastery are still here: this was run by a community of Benedictines. The monastery has been extremely rich and powerful, and extending its influence over the whole West Coast of Liguria. During the XI century its influence reached France. This was proved by various wreck and manufactures of the V century B.C. Coming from the area of Marseille. During the centuries XIII and XIV, the Abbey lost his magnificence. When the Benedictines abandoned the Abbey, in 1842 the abbey was sold to privates.

For scuba divers the marine environment of the Gallinara Island is very suggestive: sea daisies, yellow sponges of very big dimensions, rare Chetaster longipes and a high quantity of benthic life. The most famous diving points are the “ Cristo redentore” or “Punta Falconara”and “Punta Sciusciau”. Because of the presence of unexploded ordnance and because of the presence of a wreck on the depth, diving is allowed only under the surveillance of local diving centre guidance.

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