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Andora ( Andöa in the Ligurian dialect) is a municipality with 7,343 inhabitants in the province of Savona.
Its economy, historically based on agriculture (peach and olive trees together with various types of growing) has developed throughout the years giving Andora its identity as a tourist location, mainly based on seaside tourism. There are several reasons for this: Andora can count of one of the most widespread stretches of sand on the West Ligurian coast, constantly since 1986, due to the quality of the sea water, the location has borne the Blue Flag.

In fact, the environment is an important feature, and especially in this case, the “Merula Oasis”, the natural routes and the "Cetacean Sanctuary" Moreover, as it has nature rich in vegetation, Andora gives you the possibility to go on a great many excursions that allow tourists to contemplate all the beauty that the vast Andorese territory offers stretching from the sea to the inland hills.

Seafaring in Andora

The small port in Marina di Andora, is run by the Municipal Multiservice Company (an instrumental authority belonging to the Andora Municipality) is strategically well positioned, in that it is very close to the town centre with several shops, restaurants, grocers for your galley, boutiques, pizza parlours, bars. The small port may host boats and pleasure crafts up to eighteen metres long, whether they are equipped with sails or with engines. As for the transit, about forty places are available.

The new part of the small port is protected by an outer breakwater and by a new inner breakwater, which give shape to the new harbour that protects the four jetties floating inside it. Instead, the old part has 8 jetties inside it.