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Arma di Taggia


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Taggia (Tàggia in the Ligurian dialect) is a municipality in the province of Imperia that is divided into three parts: the historical city centre, Taggia, that is situated in the immediate hinterland of the Valle Argentina; the industrial area and the seaside resort, better known as Arma di Taggia mainly stretching along the left part of the Aurelia. Taggia has a constant late Spring-like temperature almost all year round. Arma di Taggia’s main economic resource is tourism, principally concentrated on the coastal area. Agricultural activity, flourishing just as in the other municipalities of the western coastal area, has developed into floriculture and the cultivation of typical agricultural products such as vegetables and citrus fruits. It is very well-known for the production of olive oil, thanks to the widespread cultivation of olives belonging to the taggiasca variety, characteristic of the Liguria region, in particular in the province of Imperia.

Seafaring in Arma di Taggia

Arma di Taggia has always been of great maritime importance, famous above all as from the beginning of the last century when the naval dockyards were flourishing: for this reason a specialisation of craftsmen’s skills developed with the creation of carpenters, blacksmiths, rope-makers, sail and fish net repairmen, coopers. Many of these traditions have been handed down to the present generations. The tourist port in Arma di Taggia is a safe haven for small sea-craft obtained from the quay embankments at the outpouring of the Argentina torrent: coming in on the left there is a harbour with a long single quay. The harbour is managed by the Arma Nautic Club on behalf of the Municipality of Taggia. The nearest safe inlets can be found in Sanremo and in Marina degli Aregai.