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Bergeggi is a small town situated high above the sea dominating the gulf underneath and in front of the small island bearing the same name. It is a tourist attraction that must not be missed for those who love the seaside for its beautiful beaches that are considered unique worldwide.

Its high position makes its alleys and lanes quite unique in that they open onto a breathtaking promenade on a sheer drop onto the sea that leads also to the Via Aurelia and to the beautiful beach, famous for the clarity and transparency of its water.

The Bergeggi heights host the remains of ancient medieval watchtowers, symbols of a long history that, together with artefacts dating back to the Roman era, can be found on the island bearing the same name. In 1985, this latter and the coastline in front of it were declared a "Regional Nature Reserve" and in virtue of this, during recent years, underwater nature trails have been set up (also at night) near the island that still has, within its depths archaeological artefacts and where species belonging to peculiar Mediterranean flora and fauna in this area can be admired.

Extreme sports fans can pass adrenalin-stimulating moments by launching themselves with a paraglider and admiring from “above" the gulf that encloses the strip of land between Noli and Bergeggi .

For those who arrive by boat, sheltered anchorage is available alongside the small island of Bergeggi, pleasurably observing a panorama that can’t be missed.

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