Bocca di Magra: Guide, photos and videos with information for nautical tourists

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Photos and video about Bocca di magra: a complete source of information for nautical tourists

Bocca di Magra


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Bocca di Magra is a famous town center born at the river mouth as a fishing village and therefore it has great maritime traditions. In virtue of this, its history is full of those activities linked to sea traffic and river transport. Today, Bocca di Magra is still rich in activities linked to fishing: for example, the habit of buying fresh fish directly from the fishermen on the pier, where the fishing boats anchor. Bocca di Magra is well-known also for having been the holiday resort of many writers and intellectuals including, Eugenio Montale, Giulio Einauidi, Cesare Pavese and Elio Vittorini. For this reason, Bocca di Magra has been inserted in the Val di Magra and the Terra di Luni Cultural Park nature trails, the land famous for its white wine, in particular, Vermentino.

Seafaring in Bocca di Magra

In addition to the traditional fishing activities, tourist and residential development have sub-entered, with the creation of several docks for leisure boating and various other services linked with seafaring. The most suggesting areas to reach with one’s own boat are the small inlets situated beyond the Caprione promontory, amongst the various hidden beaches or other localities such as Lerici, Portovenere and the Cinque Terre.