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The old seaside village of Camogli, jewel of the Paradise Gulf, rises alongside the Portofino mountain, approximately 20 km from Genoa. Camogli offers an extremely hospitable landscape, with the small, vividly-coloured houses that overlook the sea and the old, small port full of boats and little coloured fishing boats, most of which are owned by local fishermen. The Dragon’s Castle (Castello del Dragone) can be found on a rock between the small port and Camogli beach on a sheer drop onto the sea and from which a suggestive view can be seen. Camogli is historically a fishermen’s town with old maritime traditions, but today it is a tourist location as it is a seaside resort with a sandy beach and a seabed full of surprises!
The delicious Ligurian cuisine must also be tasted, with typical dishes such as trofie pasta with pesto sauce, pansotti pasta with walnut sauce, focaccias bread with cheese and those typically from Camogli: fish soup with St. Rocco’s “Sailors’ crackers”, lasagne kneaded with S. Fruttoso white wine and the Camogliesi desserts that look like cream puffs made with rum, chocolate and orange-flavoured confectioner’s custard.

How to get there
Camogli is the place where various vessels coming from Genoa pass through, San Fruttuoso, Portofino, Santa Margherita and Rapallo. It is not advisable to take the car as especially during the weekends and in summertime places there are very few places to park the car and none of these are free of charge. The motorway exit is Recco. On the other hand, Camogli is well-connected by the Italian State Railway. As for leisure boaters, there is a transit point in the port, deep enough also for sailing boats. It is advisable to come to the shore, buy some focaccia with cheese and the pizzata (pizza) and to enjoy everything whilst you are anchored beneath the mountain in Portofino, between Camogli and Punta Chiappa.

San Rocco di Camogli
San Rocco, a district of Camogli, is located 300 metres above sea level with a sheer drop onto the sea, from which one can admire the fantastic panorama of the Ligurian coastline including Genoa. In the square there is St. Rocco’s Church, built in 1863. From San Rocco di Camogli there are many different paths that cross Portofino park right up to Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso. San Rocco can be reached by bus, car or on foot, following the panoramic route by using one of the many paths that link it to Camogli.

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