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Celle Ligure


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Celle Ligure is one of the most popular tourist resorts on the West Ligurian coast, a few kilometers from Savona and part of the Beigua coast, (taken from the nearby Mount Beigua, 1287 Mt. high!).

In fact the city has its economy based mainly on tourism, despite the fact that the agricultural activity in the Celle Ligure hinterland is still very active, especially on the hill slopes with terracing exploited by means of the typical "strips" of the Ligurian region: the olive tree and the famous taggiasche olives, fruit trees growing apricots, plums and peaches together with the grapevine, from which wines, typical of the Ligurian coast are produced such as Rossese, Pigato and Vermentino varieties.). Amongst the vegetables and herbs of particular regional interest we recall basil and borage, grown also in greenhouses. For nature lovers, the territory offers many trips into the countryside.

Seafaring in Celle Ligure
In Celle Ligure, you will find also a small tourist harbour for boats, with two quays and approximately 80 places available for mooring small boats.

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