Guide to finding the charter company for your holidays in the Italian Riviera

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Charter: boat rental - with or without a skipper - for your holidays in the Italian Riviera


Charters Liguria

If you like the sea and want to experience a different kind of holiday charter is the right thing for you. You just have to choose an itinerary and a boat and you will have the opportunity to become the skipper of your own sailing boat in order to start sailing along the Italian Riviera or just start taking some tan on the deck of your yacht in front of Portofino or in front of Cinque Terre.

There is a wide choice of operators on the Italian Riviera. Important operators able to offer travel opportunities in any part of the world, and other specialized in areas along the Italian Riviera. We advice to choose an operator that offer the port as near as possible to the area we choose to go cruising. Beside the skipper, that leads the boat and is responsible of leading the boat and costs something like 100 or 200 euros per day you can also ask for a hostess.

Advices for cruising

When you rent a boat during your holiday some things must be checked in order to have a good and safe time on board:

Check list equipment
Check in of instruments and sailing equipments
Ask number of assistance
Store preparation
Do hot hide any damage
Come back early

A whole section of the forum is dedicated to tourist itineraries in liguria.