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Chiavari is one of the most famous locations of the East side of Genoa; it has a vast beach and it is characterised by elegant, pleasantly decorated buildings. Thanks to the mild climate, many people choose it as a holiday resort also during the colder months. It is located in the centre of the Tigullio Gulf, it is traced by the 'carrugio dritto' (straight sloping alley), today known as Via Martiri della Liberazione, along which the most modern boutiques can be found alongside the workshops belonging to craftsmen who still dedicate themselves to the ancient tradition of the 'Campanino chairs'(chairs made in beechwood with the seat in woven straw) and 'macramé lace'. In the centre of Chiavari you can visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Kitchen Garden , a 19th century cathedral situated near to the town hall and the Bishop’s residence, the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, inside which you can see the paintings of Piola, Fiasella and De Ferrari, the Church of St. Francis, a 13th century building reconstructed in 1630 and today used for cultural events, the Palazzo dei Portici Neri (Palace with the Black Porticos) (13th century) and Maschio Torriglia Palace (14th century).