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cinque terre

CINQUE TERRE (5 terre)

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Cinque Terre are:

Monterosso / Vernazza / Riomaggiore / Corniglia / Manarola / Via dell'amore

Cinque Terre: five miles of rocks, hundreds of kilometres of nature, crystal clear sea, viticulture, thousands linear kilometres of dry-stone walls (without any cementing agent) and extensive network of paths. These are the co-ordinates of Cinque Terre- literal translations: Five Lands -, referred to the five small villages: Monterosso , Vernazza , Riomaggiore , Corniglia and Manarola .

Finally national park and land protected by Unesco since 1997, this natural paradise is characterized by natural landscape, where everything has remained as in the past, with man that still cultivate his land as hundreds yeas ago. The particular and wonderful coast, the small beaches, the bays between rocks, the deep bottom of the sea, make of Cinque Terre an authentic piece of arts of mother nature.