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Cinque Terre are:

Monterosso / Vernazza / Riomaggiore / Corniglia / Manarola / Via dell'amore

Manarola is a village with very ancient origins. Very particular is the little port in front of it, repaired from the sea by two big rocks. It can only guest small boats. Manarola is considered to be the most peaceful and quite village of the Cinque Terre, where you can find nice relaxing walks in the short path surrounding the village. From Manarola it starts a small path that gets to Corniglia, by a fifteen minutes walk. Along the path you can take two different directions: one goes up to the hill and passes by a park with some playgrounds. The other passes by the cemetery and then by the sea. At the end you can admire a beautiful beach with with rocks typical of Cinque Terre. The Nativity Every year, for Christmast, more precisely the 8 th of December, the people of Manarola prepare the biggest lighted nativity in the world on the hill in front of the houses: more than 200 figures and 12.000 lamps.

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