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Diano Marina (Diàn in Ligurian dialect) is a municipality in the province of Imperia situated on the Ponentina Riviera. Historically, it seems that the origins of Diano Marina date right back to the Palaeolithic era therefore before the Iron Age.

The main economical resource of Diano Marina is tourism, both in the summer and in the spring, thanks to its mild climate. Moreover, its agricultural activity carried out in the hinterland must not be underestimated, rich with typical cultivations and a great many greenhouses dedicated in particular to the growing of basil, tomatoes and flowers.

Primary importance is given to the cultivation of olives and the production of "Taggiasca" olive oil, the high-quality of which is known worldwide thanks to the numerous oil mills present throughout the territory. Palaces and villas of great historical value include: The Palazzo del Parco (Park Palace) and Villa Scarsella.
A seaside festival not to be missed takes place on the evening of Ferragosto (15th August) with celebrations in honour of the Madonna del Carmine, with a spectacular firework display in the gulf illuminated by masses of lit lamps floating in front of the Sea of Diano.

Seafaring in Diano Marino

The port in Diano Marina is right in the centre of the town and it offers a safe haven to the local leisure boaters and to those who are passing through. All the quays and the two floating jetties measuring 70 Mt. each, are equipped with short link anchor chains and columns for the supply of fresh water and electricity.
The quality of services here is good with mooring crew, security guards, scuba divers, toilet facilities, fire prevention service, weather forecast and waste collection services. At about 300 Mt. from the port, it is also possible to fill up with fuel. In the small port there is also a slipway with a mobile crane with a lifting capacity up to 20 tons and two chutes for small boats