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Finale Ligure (Finô in the Finalese and Finà in the Ligurian dialects) is a municipality in the province of Savona; it is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in Italy; in fact due to its great historical importance it was decorated with the title of City by means of the Italian Presidential Decree.
Finalborgo, of age-old historical value, is today a holiday resort visited by tourists coming from all over the world, both for its mild climate all around the year and for its sea with sandy beaches together with the pleasant hill settlements particularly suitable for free-climbing.
In fact, its hinterland, rich with caves in which primitive man once lived, constitutes one of the most beautiful climbing areas in Italy that unites the beauty of the beaches in Finale that are an ideal holiday destination for a climber.
The Palio delle Compagne Finalese (local horse race) is important to mention and that takes place during the second weekend in July; it is an event where the people involved are dressed in medieval costumes with the National Flag Waver’s Trophy, just like the return to the Middle Ages (the third week in August), this event is also in costume and it takes place in the suggestive medieval village of Finalborgo, characterised by four evenings of games, entertainment, ancient professions and several cultural activities.

Seafaring in Finale Ligure

Finale Ligure has a small tourist port licensed to the Municipality of San Donato and it covers a water mirror surface measuring 37,393 sq. m and it avails of 24,488 sq. m. of bay layouts. The small port can host up to 550 boats measuring up to 17 metres long, of which many are reserved for transit purposes.
There are several services available for leisure boaters: service station, fresh water and electricity supplies, security guards, mooring crew, waste collection, toilets and shower facilities. There is also a dockyard for laying up procedures and repairs to be carried out using a fixed crane with a lifting capacity of up to 40 tons and a mobile crane up to 25 tons.

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Finalborgo is a must; it is one of the districts of the Finale Ligure municipality. It has its greatest period of development during the Middle Ages. The village’s value is enhanced by palaces dating back to the 15th century and the Renaissance period; modified during the period of the Spanish domination.
It is surrounded by well-preserved medieval walls with intervals created by semi-circular towers and interrupted only in correspondence to the doors.

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