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Lavagna is an ancient coastal village, land of the Fieschi counts and surrounded by splendid hills covered with olive trees; it is a pleasant Ligurian seaside resort, rich with bays, ravines and beaches which are caressed by a mild climate. In the historical town centre you can visit the Ancient Medieval Tower that has recently been renovated, St. Stephen’s Church where the Crucifixion by Domenico Piola is kept and where the 17th century Franzone Palace can be seen.

In the enchanting Tigullio Park you can find sporting facilities for adults and children. On 14th August, Lavagna comes to life with dances and music commemorating the event of the Torta dei Fieschi (the Fieschi’s cake), where according to the legend, on Opizzo Fieschi’s wedding day, he gave an enormous cake as a present to the town. The traditional cake is offered only to those who, in possession of a ticket, finds his or her soul mate that is in possession of the matching ticket.