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Noli (Nöli in the Ligurian dialect) is a municipality in the province of Savona situated on the Western part of the Ligurian Riviera in a closed inlet east of Bergeggi Island and south-west of the Cape bearing the same name at the mouth of the Luminella torrent.

The territory of Noli is part of the Pollupice Mountain Community. Its medieval village is considered to be one of the most beautiful Ligurian villages in Italy and it is a traditionally important maritime centre; in fact Noli is famous as an ancient maritime village with its narrow alleys and typical lanes. Noli is one of the few remaining coastal villages that still has local fishermen that go out every night to sea with their little engine-powered boats and they return the morning after with their freshly-fished produce.

Today, Noli is an important seaside resort on the Western Riviera, with beautiful beaches with white sand. Furthermore, the sea of Noli is particularly suitable for scuba diving. The sea beds, more than 35 metres deep are rich only in fish, seahorses, squid, angler fish and small lobsters. The clarity of the water allows also underwater filming.

Seafaring in Noli

The port in Noli is classified as a IV class port, yet only fishing boats anchor there, due to coastal concession to a cooperative and it hosts 21 fishing boats.

It is equipped with a jetty and a fully-equipped beach for fishing purposes. Amongst the facilities offered there are the supplies of fresh water thanks to public fountains and electricity coming from supply columns.

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