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Portofino is one of the most characteristic and exclusive locations not only in the Ligurian region but in the entire Mediterranean. Portofino and its headland have been protected areas since 1935 and its uncontaminated nature between concentrated floral areas, a variety of birds and invertebrates and important architectural constructions make Portofino one of the most famous landscapes in the world.

Portofino and the protected marine area.

The Portofino promontory, situated near the village of Camogli, represents one of the most suggestive sceneries of the Ligurian Riviera. Portofino Mountain is very suggestive with its sheer drop onto the sea and culminating with the rocky spur of Punta Chiappa, the fantastic bay of San Fruttuoso, where you can find the famous Christ of the Depths and the eastern protrusion of Punta Carega. The seabeds, typical of the Ligurian coast and destination of many underwater excursions have a vertical drop of 20- 30 metres, reaching up to a depth of 50 metres where you can find wide stretches of sand, ravines and canopies, numerous species of fish and shellfish (also the presence of the Posidonia oceanica must be noted) and the marvellous red coral (Corallium rubrum).

How to get to Portofino

Portofino cannot be reached directly via motorway, therefore come off the motorway at the Rapallo exit on the A12 motorway. It is a good idea to park the car at Santa Margherita and to use the shuttle service (available also from Rapallo), as in Portofino there are very few car parks and they are always full. The best and recommended way to reach Portofino is via the sea by means of the various boats that leave approximately every hour from Santa Margherita, Rapallo, San Fruttuoso Genoa and Camogli. As for watercraft (boats less than 10 metres long ) a temporary anchorage point is available in the little port (you can stop there for about a couple of hours. For boats, there are several buoys in the port however these must be booked in advance and you must pay a fee.

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