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Sanremo or San Remo (Sanrému in dialect, was, in ancient times called Villa Matutiæ and today it is known as the City of Flowers as it is famous for its flower farming; it is a municipality with 56,269 inhabitants in the province of Imperia.

Sanremo has a very mild climate due to its geographical position situated in an inlet sheltered by the mountains, offering fantastic views of both architecture and landscape. This inlet, set between Capo Nero and Capo Verde, must be visited; there is an older part of the town, known as the Pigna (the acorn), with sheltered Medieval-style houses with steep alleyways and small historical squares. The modern city, once a fishing village, has now become a refined tourist location that is famous all over the world, that hosts visitors and tourists all year round and that are entertained by the various cultural evens and landscape attractions: luxurious gardens, luxuriant multicolored lawns and tropical plants. Every year Sanremo hosts the Milan-Sanremo race, one of the most important Italian classic cycling races, the Italian Song Festival, the car rally, and it is the home of the Casino, built in 1905. Finally, for sports fans, Sanremo offers various sports facilities for golf, horse riding, fitness and scuba diving, canoing, sailing and windsurf courses.

Seafaring in Sanremo

Sanremo is famous amongst leisure boaters for the quality of services offered at its tourist port: Portosole.
Portosole has more than 800 boat anchorage spaces and it can host watercraft measuring up to 90 metres long. Furthermore, the port hosts various shops some linked with maritime activities (maritime agencies, ship chandlers and brokers) and others not, as well as dockyards, with mechanical workshops and assistance centres. Portosole has also a bar, a restaurant and a pizzeria. Very soon, a 5-star hotel will be built with a small shopping centre and various grocery shops for you to stock up your galley.