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Sarzana (Sarzànna in Spezzino dialect) is the second most populated municipality in the province of La Spezia and it has a strategic position; already in medieval times it was the crossroads of important maritime communications between the Ligurian and Tuscan regions.

It benefits from a particularly mild climate, as it is close to the sea that tends to calm both the rigorous winter temperatures as well as the summer heat; Sarzana makes tourism one of the main resources of its economy.

The Sarzanese territory offers its tourists many beaches, rich in fully-equipped seaside resorts. The coast has a sandy bottom and it stretches for about 3 kilometres, along which there is an alternation of free beaches and state property concessions. The Sarzanese coast is famous and appreciated for its comfort, in relation to its easy access and for it being so close to the main urban centres of the area. Apart from seaside tourism, the village of Sarzana encloses many attractions from an artistic point of view, easily accessible to everyone, for its architecture, sculptures, the various paintings present in both the buildings and churches of the city.

There are a great many traditional events organised in Sarzana:

The Soffitta street event, antique market, the Calandriniana art exhibition, the Napoleon Festival, the historical commemoration of Napoleon, the Festival of the Mind (Festival della Mente), a cultural event dedicated to creativity and art, the International Festival of Street Theatre, a theatrical event through the village streets, the traditional hazelnut fair, a gastronomic event.

Apart from tourism, the Sarzanese economy is traditionally linked to agriculture and farming. Besides olive growing and the production of an excellent olive oil, the territory of Sarzana produces an excellent quality of white wines, such as the prestigious Vermentino from the Luni hills.

Seafaring in Sarzana

Going back up the river Magra, you can find a convenient anchoring point, a private harbour with mooring jetties, for boats measuring up to 20 metres long. There are about 150 boat mooring spaces. The Marina offers various services and facilities such as electricity, toilets and shower facilities, food supplies. There is also a slipway with a 40 Mt. travel lift with the possibility of open air garaging.