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Andora is located near the sandy coast surrounded by green hills: after this the coast of Capo Mele becomes high and rocky, and then it starts to be again flat and sandy, from Laigueglia until and byond Alassio, with one of the widest beaches of the Italian Riviera, with a fine sand brought by the Centa river. Beyond the touristic port of Alassio, the coast starts to be rocky until the Vadino Cape, where it starts the rainy wide flat territory of Albenga, with beaches near the towns that are partly with pebbles and partly sandy. The town that gives the name to this flat territory includes the historical and monumental centre best conserved of the Western Italian Riviera. Nearby there is the Gallinara Island, with a round shape, and covered with a rich mediterranean vegetation. Between Capo Lena and Capo di Caprazoppa there are the towns of Ceriale, Borghetto Santo Spirito, Loano, Borgio, Pietra Ligure; on the east of Caprazoppa Cape, at the centre of a sandy part of the coast, there is  Finale Ligure, that includes the little towns of Finale Marina, Finalpia and Finalborgo. After these there is Varigotti, that is located on the little rocky promontory Punta Crena, and after this there is the beach of Noli. At west there are Spotorno and Bergeggi, with the little island named in the same way, and then there is the main town of Savona. Nearby the coast has some hills that goes down to form the  inlets of Vado and of Albissola Marina. After this, Punta dell'Olmo opens to the town of Varazze, that is gathered around the beach. from: "Liguria in Blu" of Tina Leali Rizzi and Adriano Penco edizioni "Microart's" with the collaboration of "in Liguria" Regional Agency.

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