Shipyards, garaging, assistance and repairs in the Italian Riviera: underwater repair, deck repair, engine repair

Guide to the garaging yards in the Italian Riviera

Storage dockyards

Storage dockyards maintenance

For those who have a boat, the choice of storage and maintenance dockyards is very important. It is advisable to look not only at the prices but also at the professionalism of labour employed and above all the materials that are used. There are many dockyards but only a few take care of our boat just as if it was their own. These are the details that can cause the estimate price to increase but, often these affect the quality of the work and therefore cause a greater need for maintenance on your boat over the years. An entire section of the forum is dedicated to the maintenance of leisure boats, as well as the page relating to boat maintenance. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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