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The establishment of Varigotti is due to the presence, along this stretch of coast, of a natural inlet sheltered from the winds that made such location one of the safest ports along the entire Western Riviera. For this reason it was of great interest to the Romans, Byzantines and Lombards. Later came the Saracens, coming from Provence and who stayed at Varigotti due to the safety of the place which was difficult to access from the land. Due to this, the name of "Saracens" was attributed to the residents of Varigotti together with the Moorish features of the old village homes that are not found in any other Ligurian locality. The port, object of disputes between Noli and the marquisate of Finale, saw its greatest prosperity with the domination of the Del Carrettas. In 1341, the Genoans buried the port of Varigotti in order to eliminate possible rivals. With the French Revolution, Varigotti was established as an independent municipality that in 1869 was united with Final Pia, then with Final Marina and Finalborgo, in order to constitute the current Municipality of Finale Ligure. Today, the economy of Varigotti is mainly based on tourism concentrated during the summer months, thanks to the presence of two long strips of beach linked situated east of the ancient Saracen village (locality of Malpasso) and to the West in correspondence to the most recent area of the town, with numerous seaside resorts. The Church of St. Laurence is of great architectural interest and it dates back to the 12th century and the Castle, the watch tower, dates back to the 16th century set in the midst of the Punta Crema Natural Reserve.

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